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Workforce: Capacity Assessments

Epidemiology Capacity Assessment (ECAs)
CSTE spearheaded a national epidemiology workforce assessment effort in 1995 and compiled a guide to aid states in assessment their epidemiologic capacity. CSTE followed up this effort in 1997 with an assessment piloted in 10 states and in 2001 with the first Epidemiology Capacity Assessment. The ECA was the first national assessment of core epidemiology capacity in state and territorial health departments and a benchmark prior to distribution of approximately $1 billion in federal funding annually to states for emergency preparedness. CSTE administered additional ECAs in 2004, 2006, and 2009. CSTE conducted an epidemiology enumeration assessment in 2010 to determine the epidemiology workforce in state and local health departments. Future ECAs will attempt to continue capturing information about workforce capacity.

When counting epidemiologists for the 2013 ECA, please follow CSTE’s definition of an epidemiologist.

PDF Versions of 2013 ECA
Core Assessment
Individual Capacity Assessment
Environmental Health Epidemiologic Capacity Module
Chronic Disease Epidemiologic Capacity Assessment
Maternal and Child Health Module

Oral Health Epidemiology Module

Additional epidemiology capacity resources:
  • Boulton ML, Lemmings J, Beck AJ. Assessment of epidemiology capacity in state health departments, 2001-2006. J Public Health Manag Pract. 2009;15(4): 328-36.
  • Boulton ML, Hadler J, Beck AJ, Ferland L, Lichtveld M. Assessment of epidemiology capacity in state health departments, 2004-2009. Public Health Reports, 2011; 126(1): 84-93.
  • Beck AJ, Boulton ML, Lemmings J, Clayton J. Challenges to recruitment and retention of the state health department epidemiology workforce. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2012; 42(1): 76-80.
For more information about the Epidemiology Capacity Assessments, please contact Meredith Lichtenstein. Click here to view other workforce activities.
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